Adore Who You Are


People don’t always need advice. Sometimes all they really need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen and a heart to understand them – unknown.

No person is perfect. We all need other people in our lives, we are meant to co-exist and depend on each other, but also to understand and support each other and encourage you when you have no courage to take the next step.Sexuality is closely connected to our quality of life, touching many areas of our basic wellbeing – intimacy with our partners, health, a legacy extended through our families, human creativity and inspiration. Healthy sexuality is key to a fulfilled human being, collectively enriching society. This is our goal.The key is to take our strengths that we have, adore, cherish and develop it, and weaknesses becomes irrelevant to be a happy healthy sexual being and be enriched as a complete person.Online CounsellingOnline counselling is growing in popularity as a convenient way to use the marvel of modern technology to connect discreetly to someone who is there to listen and help, any time of the day, any place.The advantages of online counselling are numerous:Online counselling offers convenience – It is amazingly convenient – all you need is a PC or smartphone with decent internet connection, with or without a webcamIt has the potential for a much wider reach, making it possible to connect even for those living in remote areas, those hampered by immobility (disabled or housebound), or those travelling or relocating to foreign countries with a language barrier.Idea of privacy and being private (Actual and perceived privacy):  There still exists a stigma around “seeing a shrink”. Others may be phobic, trapped in abusive situations, or merely shy, self-conscious or afraid to speak out. Anonymity and physical absence can soften these inhibitions.    Many clients appreciate the “disinhibiting effect” of not being seen in-person (Joinson, 1998; Fink, 1999).The psyche of the client is freed for therapeutic self-reflection in many other ways. People tend to be more open and share more intimate feelings and honesty when it’s over a ‘device’ because the relationship is built not through physical presence, by telephonic and email communication, a different opportunity is created for self-reflection, allowing one to be more open and honest.Furthermore, you, as the client, enjoy a certain degree of ownership in the process. You have complete control, starting the session is as simple as making a call from a location of your choosing, and ending it as simple as pressing the red button.When online counselling is at its best, and the positive conditions are in place, clients and therapists experience telepresence and are not only able to interact effectively, but engage in relationships that can offer something special indeed. Believe it or not, experiencing the online other as a genuine, caring person is not as difficult as it might seem.Is online counselling for me?There are risk groups that are not eligible for online counselling (People with severe depression. Psychotic patients, who need psychiatric treatment. Alcohol and drug abusers/addicts. Minors – in case the therapist will require the signed consent from a parent/legal guardian. People who need deeper forms of therapeutic interventions.